Lesser Lights | Mindflower

(July 2020)

Track 4: Mindflower
Album: Lesser Lights

The premise of 'Lesser Lights' was to create a narration, emotionally raw and personal, hopefully the sounds come through as it was intended.

Sketches were mainly done in Melbourne tram 64, where I spent a couple of hours a day commuting. Much inspiration was found in the railway hum and clunk, as from the co-travellers in the window seat. The sound of the album although preserved for the most part, occasionally developed into sections perverse enough to be noticed.

A greater deal of inspiration was drawn from Abul Mogard, Rafael Anton Irisarri and Loscil, whose music I listened to every other day. The tracks where then recorded and mixed in an unforeseen lockdown in mid 2020.

Extraordinary cover art by the 19 century artist and astronomer, Étienne Trouvelot. His photographs documented what invisible might have meant at a time, this particular photo showing an electric spark obtained in an electrostatic generator.

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