Video and Music by Salar Niknafs
Single Channel HD Video, Stereo Sound
Edition 1, Duration: 5:31
Sep 2017, Melbourne

"That is how I explained myself to the strange impression I had of being odd man out, a kind of intruder.” - Albert Camus, The Outsider

Unlike objects, memories can coexist in multiple locations at the same time. ‘Displaced’ is sparked by this feeling of psychological coexistence in two places at the same time and attempts to navigate their overlapping currents of narration.

I migrated to Australia when I was 24 years old and the conspicuous disjunction between my intuitions and immediate environment has naturally become the main theme in this work. Here, unscripted voice messages on my mobile phone are juxtaposed on the scenery of my daily commune. The asynchronicity between the voices heard and the visions seen aims to create a perceptual shift that transmits the experience through.

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