(April 2017)


Serong is an experimental arrangement with a relatively small palette of sounds including bowed guitars, piano, frame drum, tape noise and synthesisers. In this composition I explore the cycles of dissonance and harmony.

Tanbur and Organ Drone

(October 2014)


Drones: Persian tanbur and pump organ.


Performed and recorded in collaboration with Geoff Williams.

Sleepwalkers No.1

(August 2014)


Sleepwalkers are free-improv experimental performances in essence. Even though they may occasionally contain certain melodic structures, they are practically atonal. The current performance is the first, from a series of ongoing recordings - live from studio - in collaboration with Geoff Williams.

Plateaux of Grey

(October 2013)


'Plateaux of Grey' is a soundscape piece that was inspired by the scenery of the Shahriar Rd in the city of Karaj.


Karaj is one of the major hubs for industry in Iran and the distinctively over-urbanized landscape of this region owes its peculiar appearance in great part to it's proximity to the national capital, Tehran.

Sleepwalkers No.2

(October 2014)


Second part of the Sleepwalkers improvised soundscapes, recorded in a collaboration with Geoff Williams.

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