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At the university I was involved in the Process Engineering Group (PEG) based around Prof Rian Dippenaar, who are principally involved in applied research and education in the field of physical metallurgy. The group specializes in unique experimental facilities such as the state-of-art high-temperature laser-scanning confocal microscopy (HT-LSCM), computational engineering (MICRESS®, Thermo-CalcTM, DictraTM) and has access to a range of sophisticated instruments within the UOW and at the collaborative organizations.


The Process Engineering Group aims to establish a scientific basis for the solution of intractable industrial problems, thus forming a foundation for regional development in applied science and technology. PEG has established a strong university-based research that supported in-plant technologists and transferred fundamental research outcomes to the shop floor in a variety of areas. The Process Engineering group has actively facilitated a large number of joint industry-university research projects in Australia, North-America, Asia and Europe, established collaborations with a number of science & research centers and maintained an international contact at a high academic level.


Environmental friendly, Crysrallization, University of Wollongong, Confocal Microscopy, research, uow, Process Engineering Group, EMI.

Environmental friendly artificial slag

Recrystallization of a fluorine-free slag observed in real-time and at temperature. Photo by Salar Niknafs, courtesy of the University of Wollongong. (above)


Massive-type phase transformation

Volume change during the high-temperature delta-ferrite to austenite phase transformation causes cracks in slabs.

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